We save lives by automating dispatch of first responders.

Reduced delays means help arrives faster when you need it.

MayDay Alarm

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U.S. Patents #9,767,677 & #10,223,897

911 arrives in ten minutes, on average.

Violent crime and cardiac arrest take 90 seconds.

Vigilant Awareness of Your Location

Our automated dispatch technology constantly evaluates the location, training and equipment levels of nearby resources, then matches their capability to any victim nearby when an emergency occurs.

We allow first responders to converge on a situation knowing the greatest possible amount of information, coordinate rally points while responding, and have the best possible impact in a timely manner.

Multi Responder Coordination

Not all emergencies are easily conveyed in a phone call. If you're not able to speak, you can send text messages to dispatchers and first responders. For situations where seeing is believing, we allow victims to stream live video with multiple participants.

Video & Silent Text Communication

Using information from wearables, live audio and video streams through our platform, and integrations with cutting edge mapping platforms, we provide first responders with tangible data to help them respond quickly without overwhelming them in transit.

Rapid Communication & Routing

Call for help on your terms.

Video Calling

Exchanging advice is easier when you can see the problem at hand.

If you can't speak, type your needs instead.

Silent Texting

Saving lives by connecting help nearby.

When your life is in danger, Mayday Alarm ensures rapid response times. Every minute following a cardiac event, death is 10% more likely to occur.

Minutes matter. Mayday Alarm saves minutes to save lives.

Today: 911 only sends your GPS location at the start of the call

Mayday: responders see victim's location moving in real time

Today: 911 only allows audio to one dispatcher not on scene

Mayday: responders and dispatch can use video concurrently

Today: 911 only intakes phone calls to alert first responders

Mayday: victims can use silent alerting with text chat for help

Mayday Alarm also alerts if bluetooth wearables detect no pulse.

Let's compare 911 scenarios.

Did you know?

Most public safety departments operate in three shifts.

Two-thirds (66%) of trained resources are never utilized.

Mayday Alarm connects off-duty trained resources to respond.

When off-duty assets are close, they can be empowered to help.

When a victim calls for help, responders are notified via our app.

Users may accept / decline a call and see who else is responding.

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